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1.What are the modes of Payment ?
  We at the Right Florist provide you the perfect service at lowest possible cost to save your money, keep our   administration costs low and provide you 100% security, we can do so only by accepting payments via Credit   Card. Write to us in case you want to pay in any other way.

2.How do I know when my order was delivered ?
  Please check the Order Status online at our website. However,please note that the Order Status is normally   updated next day morning after date of delivery.Right Florist guarantees each order to be delivered on the   requested delivery date. If due to any reason the order cannot be delivered, you will be contacted by our   customer service department as soon as possible. In case you do not hear from us, you may be assured your   order got delivered. However, if you find that the order did not reach its delivery destination you may contact   us at info@rightflorist.com

3.Where Can I get Personal Assistance.?
  We are open 7 days a week and we are available 24 hours. Our customer service will assist you by resolving   all your queries. Please call us at 00919831008898 or write to us at info@rightflorist.com .

4.What are the delivery Conditions for Hotel / Hospital deliveries ?
  Hotel Kindly enter the following details Full Name and Address of the Hotel ,. Telephone Number , Hotel Room   Number & last but not the least the recipient's name. Hospitals Full Name & Address of the Hospital, Telephone   Number of the Hospital ,. Ward Name / Number . Maiden Name of the recipient if the order goes to the   maternity word .and last but not the least the full name of the recipient. Kindly note that some hospitals do   not permit the flowers to be delivered . In this case you would be alerted by us.

5.How to place an order ?
   Ordering at Right Florist is easy . Just Follow these six simple steps :-
    i) Choose the country where your flowers are to be delivered.
    ii) Choose your item and click on the BUY button.
    iii) Choose the delivery location and delivery date.
    !v) Enter Your Billing Information.
    v) Enter the complete address and phone number of the recipient and don't forget to fill in your message for         the recipient.
    vi)After this enter your Credit Card details for online ordering.
    V!!) You will receive an order confirmation and Invoice through e-mail after completing the order.In case you           fail to recieve any e-mail confirmation, call us or write to us.

6. What if I do not receive an order confirmation Via Email ?
  You Will receive an order confirmation message via-email shortly after RightFlorist.com receives your order. If   you do not receive this message within four hours of placing your order, there might be a delay on the web   due to traffic. If this happens, Please feel free to contact us at 00919831008898 or write to us at   info@rightflorist.com to ensure that your order is being Processed.

7. Can I change the delivery address?
  We will be happy to change the delivery address as long as your order has not been delivered. Or is not on its   way to being delivered. To request a change to your order's delivery address, Please e-mail us the new   address information.As soon as you get a confirmation about this from us,you can relax.

8. Can I change the delivery date of my order ?
  If your order has not been delivered or is not on its way for delivey, we will be happy to change it's intended   date of delivery.

9. Is it safe to use my Credit Card Online ?
  Our Payment gateway is a Verisign Secured gateway. Your Credit Card information is encrypted and is sent for   processing using SSL ( secure socket layer) technology. Even we do not get the Card number etc.

10.How safe is my personal information ?
  RightFlorist.com does not rent or sell information they receive from web orders or email registrations to third   parties.

11. What are the advantages of membership ?
  Becoming a registered shopper offers you a growing number of benefits:
    a) You will be eligible for a discount on your order. For this you will have to mention the discount or promotion code given to you at the time of placement of your order.
  b) Other Benefits: -
        i) Faster, easier shopping.
        ii) Special offers.

12.Why is my basket empty ?
  If the products you have selected is not showing up in your basket, there may be a Cache Memory problem in   your PC. Please enable the cache Memory tab. Still if you face any problem,call or write to us.

13. How do I know Delivery Time ?
  We provide you with a Calendar as soon as you click on BUY button to choose an item for delivery.Just check   the Calendar in the landing page for an idea about availability of date and product.

14.Can I mention Specific Delivery time ?
  Yes, you can mention specific delivery time in the Instructions to Florist box in the Order form. However   please note that we do guarantee delivery of your order on your chosen date but do not guarantee the time   always. We however do try our best to deliver as close to your requested time as possible. Our normal   delivery time is 9 am. to 7 pm.

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